Sunday, April 20, 2014

Travel, Hot air Balloons and Kirsty leaving on her European Adventure.

Dear Bloggers,

Almost a year ago my middle daughter Kirsty left to go on her European adventure.  For three months she was travelling around Europe with her best friend.  They were booked into a 'Top deck Tour' for some of the time and for the rest they frequented Youth Hostels.  The girls went on Sail Croatia-the party boat and visited Ibiza - the party island.  They attended music festivals and had a fantastic time all the way around Europe (and thankfully survived).  August came all too soon and Kate (best friend) went home. Kirsty landed in London with no job, no old friends or home.  Within a flash she had all three....Hannah (a new best least for the time being), a job at Mace as a designer using In Design and a house in South London.  She is still there so if you look down the bottom of the LO I have not filled in her date of return.  Instead Tiff (my youngest daughter) and I are going to visit her in June this year.

Here is a LO of her leaving.  This isn't as frilly and fussy as my normal LOs but she is just not that type of girl.



  1. Ahh, London - it has claimed two of my close friends from school with a third falling under it's spell as we speak. I hope she is loving it over there as much as my friends. The B&W looks fantastic and really helps the photo stand out.

  2. Fabulous the monochromatic color palette and all those fabby hot air balloons!


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