Monday, March 14, 2011

Diva House

Dear Bloggers,
Hello again as I quickly blog before having to cook dinner.

Scrapbooking Creations kindly published my 'Diva House'.  I modified a 7-Gypsies Artist Tray and had lots of fun.

Here are some details


Papercraft Showroom at the Rosehill Craft Show

Hi Bloggers,
Another Earthquake has hit Japan and another explosion at one of their nuclear power plants.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to all multitudes of people having to deal with this series of catastrophes.
I almost feel guilty blogging about scrapbooking - we are very lucky in our wonderful country Australia.

My friend Robyn and I went to the Craft Show at Rosehill Race course last Thursday.  We had  a great time and spent (as usual) more money than we should.  We really were just doing our part to keep the crafting economy buoyant - that's what I tell my husband anyway.
The Papercraft Showroom was on display at the show and Robyn very kindly snapped a picture of me by my layout.  Thanks Robyn.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Bench Top Chef

Hi Bloggers,
Kaisercraft have so many new and fun ranges constantly tempting and delighting us.  The latest release of papers and Embellishments from the Nan's Kitchen Range are great to use - love the wooden embellishments.
My youngest daughter Tiffany is a lovely cook and I am always highly amused how she likes to cook - she cleans the kitchen spotlessly (great), has spray and wipe and a T-towel handy (wonderful) and then she likes to work on the bench surface.  Unusual but very cute.
This LO is dedicated to 'Tiffany -  My Bench Top Chef'


Valet Old Friend

Dear Bloggers,
Here is another LO of our dear old cat Elsa.  I feel very nostalgic and sad looking at photos of her - she was a special part of our family for almost 2 decades.  This LO is to remember the dear way she used to poke her head through the banister on the stairs and beckon for pats and cuddles.

I love the Prima Fairy Paper and the great chicken wire chipboard.  Have a look at the Prima lock and key charms - they are so gorgeous.


Take 10 Blast from the Past

Dear Bloggers,
How are you - hope that all is going well.
'Take 10' is a wonderful magazine published by Stampington and Co.   Back in 2009 I sent them a series of cards I made using their acrylic stamp set - 'Bird Sanctuary.'  They were very kind and published a double page article of these. (see below)

Much to my pleasure and huge surprise the last 2 cards in the series were published in the current issue of 'Take 10' over 2 years later. 

Sorry that it is sideways

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Basic Grey Curio Collection

Hi Bloggers,
As you know by now I LOVE the Basic Grey Curio Collection.
This is the last of the LO I did (and of course added to) from the amazing Basic Grey Page Plan Kits.

I love the way the glorious rose pink picks up the colour of my daughters' lips - and I did not do any manipulation in Photoshop.  Sometimes you just get lucky.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That Special Place In The Sun

Dear Bloggers,
Our lovely tabby cat Elsa passed away several weeks ago.  She was the sweetest cat with a warm and constantly purring personality.  In her later years - she died at 19 years  - she would just sleep on our beds.  Towards the end it was mostly our bed and I grew so used to having my lovely warm purring bundle snuggling up with me.  When I had a bath she would follow me into the bathroom, jump up onto the ledge and drink from the dripping tap.  When we were downstairs (she did not like our big dog very much) she would look beseechingly through the banister on the stairs and meow to be patted.  I am grateful for the long and happy life that she had - but I do miss our lovely Elsa.
I made this layout about her. Elsa used to love to spend the morning dosing in the soft Northerly sun on our stairs.  I journalled in present tense as the photo captured a living moment and that's what I wanted to caapture.

I absolutely adore the Basic Grey Curio Collection and although I am not a great fan of 'fussy cutting' I cut out these beautiful flowers and birds.  I also love Dusty Attic chipboard.
Here are some details.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Merit at Photo Club

Dear Bloggers,
How are you all?
At the end of last year I joined Northside Creative Photography (NCP).  It is an amazing photography club that meets twice a month at Lindfield.  I am enjoying it so much.  The members have all been extremely warm and inviting to me and the club is run so well that I never cease to be amazed.  The format is that on the first Wednesday of the month there is a Competition and on the 3rd Wednesday an invited guest speaks or presents to the club. Additionally the club has regular outings and 2 trips per year. I have learnt an enormous amount and I feel my horizons being broadened all the time. There are so many very talented and inspirational members and if you know me  - I thrive on challenges and I want to (dream of) being as good as them.  I have a way to go - but that is what makes it all so fun.
I entered my first serious entries into last night's Open Competition and I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive a Merit in the Monochrome category for my photo 'Reflections'.  For the shot we went an abandoned tram shed.  My models (one compliant daughter and her sweet friend Sarah) were dressed in white to contrast to the grunge of the 'graffitied 'environment.  There was an enormous puddle and I photographed the girls with their complete reflection.  On closer inspection I preferred the photo upside down and felt that this made a social commentary - Do we see what is really there or is reality merely a reflection of what we see.   I converted the photo to sepia and layered some urban grunge over the top.  Cropping the 'reflection' ,which in reality was the girls (reality) and adding a dark vignette gave me the results I was hoping for.
I was soooooo! excited when the judge awarded me a Merit.  Photography is so fun and challenging and I am looking forward to many more club meetings.
Have a look at the photo.


Mini Madness

Hi Bloggers,
Hope you are all having a good day.
I received my Scrapbooking Memories Magazine today and I was very pleased to see my playful LO 'Mini Madness' in print.  Thanks to the team at SBM - they are so lovely and kind and always do such a great job.
I love the work of Elsie Flannigan and this LO was inspired by her playful, free and colourful style.  Thanks also to my friend Cookie who suggested that I get onto the bonnet of my new car and catch that whole Mini-madness feel.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photographic Safari with Ester Beaton

Dear Bloggers,
Hello again - this is my third consecutive post and last for the night.
I was extremely fortunate last Saturday to go on a Photographic Safari to Somerset waterfalls and rain forest with the inspirational Ester Beaton.  She is a creative and extremely talented photographer who works extensively for Australian Geographic.  Unfortunately mother nature was not too kind with the weather and lighting for the day - but I learnt so much from the delightful Ester.  Have a look at some of my photos from the day.

The iron red bark contrasts so beautifully with the green of the Aussie bush

The fern fronds all balled up with their little hairs are a delight to behold.  Hopefully a sharper and more detailed delight when I get my new macro lens.

The palm fronds have glorious radiating patterns.  The back lighting brings the scene alive.

Sometimes when I look at scenes such as this - I really do believe in fairies.  I have entitled this photo 'The Fairy Nell'

Yet another late night post and bed beckons.
See you soon

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 Quick Layouts Of Our Whistler Skiing Trip

Hi Bloggers,
I am still ambivalent about scrapping holidays photos.  Ones with people and captured special moments are definite scrapbookers' dreams - but what about the scenic shots that may make wonderful postcards but don't really have a tale to tell except that 'I've been there but you wouldn't k now because there aren't any people in the photo'.  I have amazing scenic photos of Whistler and I am going to send them off to Album Works to get a photo book put together which I will put onto the coffee table.
I put a mixture of photos into photogirds, purchased a selection of snow flake punches and then  quickly put a couple of LOs together.  I lovee!!! the snowflake punches.  The LOs are quite simple by my standards as I certainly like my LOs to sing with details - but in these ones I wanted just the colourful collection of photos to take centre stage,


Beautiful Basic Grey

Hi Bloggers,
Basic Grey have some absolutely stunning ranges and this one is no exception.  For the first time in my life I actually purchased a kit.  I thought the LOs that the Basic Grey team had created were so spectacular that I just wanted them too.  Of course I had to add some extras bits and pieces, sew and tear and change a few little things around. .

I thought it was about time that I scrapped some pages of my lovely husband.  Why do we get so busy scrapping our children that we over look our husbands???  Anyhow here are 2 LOs featuring my beloved Brad.
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