Sunday, May 31, 2020

Grungy Boy Layouts

Hi Bloggers,

I am not usually a fan of, 'Grunge'.  But when my little Arthur turned 2 and was on his new bike, wearing his new black bike helmet,  I could feel some gungy layouts coming on. So here are my first attempts at serious grunge, ever.

Firstly I started with an orange, black and blue palette, to match my little guy's attire.

So many of my boy layouts feature orange and blue, so for the next attempt I used a combination that I have not used before.  I turned the photos to black and white, and opted for a palette of grey, yellow and black.  I am not normally a fan of black and white photos but I felt these high contrast and gritty black and white pics really added to the whole 'grungy' feel.

Oh yes, I forgot to add, it was so exciting to finally use my ruler stamps that have sat unused in my drawer for over a decade.

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Mixed Media Boy Layout in Blue, Green and Red

Dear Bloggers,
Here is a mixed media layout using a large photo. This took a very long time to come together: there were lots of ripped up attempts discarded in the bin.  By about attempt 5, I was happy with the result.

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Mixed Media Boy Layout in Green and Orange.

Dear Blogger,
Here is a playful workout of my cheeky little Grandson Arthur.

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