Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas about my Grandmother 'Ina Cochrane'.....dedicated to my dad.

Dear Bloggers,

The other day my dad showed me some very rare photos of my Grandmother 'Ina Cochrane' in her Kelly's Plains School Photo from 1919.  She died when I was very small so I never had the privilege of getting to know her. Her beauty was quite haunting and her soft blue eyes and gentle face captivated me.
I wanted to create a canvas capturing what I believe to be the essence of her.
This is dedicated to my dad as we have both been quite moved by her photo.  The size is small and the quality low but the magic is there all the same. The hand written name on the photo is my dad's handwriting.  I scanned this from the back of the photo and wanted to include it in the canvas,


Dad... I hope that you like it.
love Jenny xxxxx

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  1. This is so hauntingly beautiful- she has an energy you can feel from the photo which you have captured.Another drop dead LO!


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