Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monster Party Invitations using my Brother ScanNCut and SVG files

Dear Bloggers,

My youngest daughter is turning 21 and her party is themed, 'Mystical and Mythological Creatures'. We had a very  busy weekend making 74 invitations with cute 'Mythological Monsters' on the front.

I purchased the svg files from Miss Kate's Cuttables and converted these to fcm files in Brother ScanNCut Canvas.My Brother ScanNCut worked a treat as all day long it cut monster after monster.

Here are my two favourite monsters

Here are all the others...which I also love.

If you counted you would know I have photographed 65 of the 74 monsters.  The other 9 either photographed badly or were not up to blog standard...either way they are all in the post now.
Wow what a big job...but my daughter and I are both very happy with them.


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