Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mixed Media heritage LO featuring my Grandmother and Great Aunts.

Dear Bloggers,

This is a special LO that I created for my dad.  The girls in the photos are my dad's aunts and mother.  All the pictures came from an old school photo taken at Kelly's Plains School in 1919.  The hand written names on the photos are scanned copies of my dad's writing from the back of these.

In my earlier post I explain how I intended to use the 4 sisters in a mixed media canvas. Instead this is how I used the precious photos.



  1. Wonderful heritage LO. The scanned handwriting is a great touch.

  2. amazing heritage LO. Im sure it will take ones breath away when seen in real life!

  3. This is a beautiful LO, I am new to Scrapbooking (but not papercrafts) and I have inherited all my parent's photos so many vintage LO's are in my future. I was wondering how does the SB close with all those beautiful flowers on it?


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