Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tiffany's Wild Wild West 18th Birthday Party and October Afternoon's Sasparilla Collection

Dear Bloggers,
Last June my beautiful Tiffany turned 18 and she had a 'Wild Wild West Party'.  October Afternoon's Sasparilla Range was perfect although it was a fun challenge for me to do Cowboy Layouts as they do not fall under the umbrella of my normal girlie/florally  numbers.  In fact one of the double LOs is all photos and no embellishments.  Tiff wants to take this to Bathurst Uni with her when she moves out to College this month and hang it on her wall :)

The first layout is about the family.

Here is the double LO with all the photos.

Tiff made her own cake - needless to say in the shape of a Cowboy Boot and it was brilliant.




  1. These layouts look fantastic Jenny. I love all the little bits and pieces on them.You'll miss Tiffany when she goes but I'm sure she will miss you too.These will be great reminders of home.

  2. These are so cool and I wonder where your girls get their creativity hmmm?? Gorgeous as always even without flowers.


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