Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aluminium foil, coffee filters and inks

Dear Bloggers,
I signed up for the wonderful 'Life Book' classes and watched a video of Christy Tomlinson creating a gorgeous art journal page using aluminium foil, sprays and coffee filters.  I then had a dabble and experiment with these materials.  I was not very happy with my results but I believe the technique has lots of potential - even if I haven't personally seen it yet!!!
Here is a photographic journal of my playing.

lay stencils over coffee filters
 dry coffee filters
 Use gel medium to glue the filters to the foil.

Cut up to make simple flower shapes


  1. Hi Jenny. I have only just found your blog and I love what you create! I especially love the art journal pages. These are very dog-eared in my copy of Scrapbook Creations!

  2. I think we are often critical of our own work...because I love these Jenny - very impressive. I particularly love the last one.


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