Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photographic Safari with Ester Beaton

Dear Bloggers,
Hello again - this is my third consecutive post and last for the night.
I was extremely fortunate last Saturday to go on a Photographic Safari to Somerset waterfalls and rain forest with the inspirational Ester Beaton.  She is a creative and extremely talented photographer who works extensively for Australian Geographic.  Unfortunately mother nature was not too kind with the weather and lighting for the day - but I learnt so much from the delightful Ester.  Have a look at some of my photos from the day.

The iron red bark contrasts so beautifully with the green of the Aussie bush

The fern fronds all balled up with their little hairs are a delight to behold.  Hopefully a sharper and more detailed delight when I get my new macro lens.

The palm fronds have glorious radiating patterns.  The back lighting brings the scene alive.

Sometimes when I look at scenes such as this - I really do believe in fairies.  I have entitled this photo 'The Fairy Nell'

Yet another late night post and bed beckons.
See you soon

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