Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Merit at Photo Club

Dear Bloggers,
How are you all?
At the end of last year I joined Northside Creative Photography (NCP).  It is an amazing photography club that meets twice a month at Lindfield.  I am enjoying it so much.  The members have all been extremely warm and inviting to me and the club is run so well that I never cease to be amazed.  The format is that on the first Wednesday of the month there is a Competition and on the 3rd Wednesday an invited guest speaks or presents to the club. Additionally the club has regular outings and 2 trips per year. I have learnt an enormous amount and I feel my horizons being broadened all the time. There are so many very talented and inspirational members and if you know me  - I thrive on challenges and I want to (dream of) being as good as them.  I have a way to go - but that is what makes it all so fun.
I entered my first serious entries into last night's Open Competition and I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive a Merit in the Monochrome category for my photo 'Reflections'.  For the shot we went an abandoned tram shed.  My models (one compliant daughter and her sweet friend Sarah) were dressed in white to contrast to the grunge of the 'graffitied 'environment.  There was an enormous puddle and I photographed the girls with their complete reflection.  On closer inspection I preferred the photo upside down and felt that this made a social commentary - Do we see what is really there or is reality merely a reflection of what we see.   I converted the photo to sepia and layered some urban grunge over the top.  Cropping the 'reflection' ,which in reality was the girls (reality) and adding a dark vignette gave me the results I was hoping for.
I was soooooo! excited when the judge awarded me a Merit.  Photography is so fun and challenging and I am looking forward to many more club meetings.
Have a look at the photo.


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