Friday, March 24, 2023

Pop Up 3D Vignette Watering Cans Bouquet (Amazing Paper Grace Kit Club and Spellbinder Clubs Kits) - Pink Flowers (post 2 0f 5)

Dear Bloggers,

When I saw the Pop Up 3D Vignette Watering Can Bouquet, which was part of the April 2022 Amazing Paper Grace Kit Club and Spellbinder Clubs Kits, it was love at first sight. 
I have been trying to use my supplies, especially those that have been sitting neglected for months and years. I set about spritzing some of my long forgotten sprays onto white cardstock.  I re-found paints in pretty colours, cut open bottles of paints that were quietly drying out, my fingers unceremoniously dug into unopen tubs of moose and different mediums and the colours were sprayed, brushed, rubbed and scraped onto stiff white cardstock.  All too soon I had a hefty wad of colour and splodges just waiting to be used.  This is where the Pop Up 3D Vignette Watering Can Bouquet came in and I made 15.

My general comments/tips about making the 3D Vignettes:
  • use thick, sturdy cardstock for the watering cans, stems and the side panels, otherwise you will need to reinforce everything. Ask me how I know!!!  I had to cut out lots of extra spouts, handles, watering can bodies and stick them behind for extra took ages !!!  If you want to use patterned paper, stick it onto heavy weight cardstock before you start cutting.
  • Be very careful when adding the spouts and handles, to make sure they are even.  Sadly, lots of mine aren't.
  • I used florist wire, coloured green, as stems for many of my flowers. It was, however, quite difficult gluing these onto the back of each layer and I spent a lot of time holding the stems in place, waiting for them to dry.  I tried superglue but was only successful in sticking my fingers to everything and ripping the card when I pulled my hand away.
  • For the embossed watering can body, I die cut it first and then embossed using an embossing mat.
  • I used gesso on my fingers to add to the distressed aged look of my watering cans. My gesso was the dried up dregs at the bottom of a worked perfectly.
  • Distress Crayons are great for highlighting the detail in the embossing.
As I  made so many of the watering cans, I will break the post up into five instalments.  If you are keen, read on!!

This post shows my 'pink bouquets', one with a black watering can and the other with a blue one.

I squeezed out too much Atlier Magenta Paint when completing another project, so I brushed the excess paint onto white cardstock. I decided to add some white and create a bit of an 'ombre effect'. I cut the flowers from this.

This version has a blue watering can

Thanks for calling by.

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