Sunday, January 22, 2023

Bright and Bold Christmas Cards - Paper Piecing using Spellbinders, 'Be Bold Block Merry Christmas Die' and Spellbinders, 'Christmas Blooms'. Post 1 of 4

Dear Bloggers,

Nothing is more therapeutic than sitting down and piecing beautiful papers together to make gorgeous block colour cards.  That is of course, unless you loose all 'those those' tiny but very important pieces of paper.  Of course I lost lots of this!!  I ended up releasing my cut outs onto 'Glad, Press and Seal' which has enough adhesive to stick all the pieces, large and small, but the cut outs can be easily removed when needed.
I then adorned the text with Spellbinders, 'Christmas Blooms'.  I have used this die set sooooooo much and absolutely love it.
Needless to say, I got totally carried away piecing together and decorating 'lots and lots' of cards. These cards have been put into 4 separate posts: I invite you to have a look.

I loved how you could use the cut outs as the text in one card and the background in the next.  Not a skerrick of paper was wasted.

The little upside down 'r' is Merry is also a fun twist. (This comes with the 'Be Bold Block Merry Christmas Die')

Thanks for calling by.

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