Thursday, January 20, 2022

27 Male Cards using dies from 'Well Suited', by Stampin' Up. (post 1 of 4)

My dear little blog,

I have been creating but sadly neglecting to post my creations  I have so many unedited files on my computer and NOW is the time to do the edits and get POSTING.

My current 'thing' is making clean cut and simple cards.  

'Well Suited' die and paper set by Stampin' Up was just the right thing to get my mojo going.  Yes, I am behind the times as everybody was making these cards quite sometime ago...but hey!!! 'Better late than never.' Once I started, I became seriously addicted and I think I made around 50 cards. Totally OTT I know, but it was just so tempting to see how one little pretty bit of paper went with another...and the rest is history.... you know how it is.

For these cards I went crazy, looking through my stash for any papers that I felt would look good as suits and ties.  I preferred the safe charcoal tones but some of the bling bazzills were great.

Well here goes. Keep on scrolling down as there are 27 cards.

These are my favourites.

It seems that I am not a fan of stripy suits, at least not these ones anyway. lol

The rest of the cards fall somewhere in the  middle. 
Just a shame most of my bow ties are not straight!!!  If I made more cards I would use my T-square ruler to ensure the ties were perfectly horizontal.

If you are still reading now, thanks for making your way through this long post.
I really appreciate you dropping by.

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