Thursday, June 24, 2021

Christmas Mixed Media Layout (4 of 5) - girl

Dear Bloggers,

Here is another mixed media LO in red, green and gold. Don't you love the chipboard reindeer by Scrapmatts!?!  These little guys feature in most of Christmas pages, as they are so adorable. 
I had a hard time with this layout trying to find the right green for the background.  At the end of the day there were soggy, wet messes sitting in my bin and my 'green thumbs' did not mean I was good with plants.  Infact all of my hands were green and there were other random splatters all over the place.
The final result was a composite of 'goodness knows' what colours.  Not sure I even like this page but hey!!!  it is definitely getting blog time as it took me sooooo long to put together.  
Mostly scrapbooking is soooo much fun and other times you just wonder, 'What on earth am I doing???'  That's when you give up for the day and eat

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