Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mixed Media Boy Layouts in orange and Blue

Dear Bloggers,

Upto four plus weeks of isolation.  Fortunately the number of Covid-19 infections in Aus are quite low and we seem to be going quite well with the pandemic lurgy that is plaguing us.  The upside is that we have more time for crafting and fortunately my mojo is inline with the amount of time I have.
I am really enjoying doing mixed media layouts. Using those 'special ' things that you buy and still have 10 years later is a real bonus. Infact many more gems from my copious stash of crafting supplies are ear marked for use.  Thanks Arthur for that cheeky grin and shining blue eyes that provide endless gorgeous photos for scrapbooking.
I made a circular frame out of thick string and used Prima artstones for the first time.  I love them, especially the medium sized ones. I did not realise that they were so light.  Art stones and string frames are going to be my new 'thing'.
Enough chat.....I am meant to, infact, to be working.....but....hey there is always time to blog!!

Here comes another layout with yes, you guessed it, art stones and a homemade string frame.  I was a little disappointed with how this turned out as it is too monochromatic - but hey!!! there is always the next layout.


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  1. I think both layout s have so much pizzazz. You will see it in a year and look at with a different perspective.


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