Friday, March 30, 2018

Botanical Tea..Graphics 45

Dear Bloggers,

Graphics 45 constantly produce ranges that I adore.  Botanical Tea is one such collection.

Quite some time ago, my friend Robyn gave me 4 frames. Robyn told me that she wanted to see what I did with these.

I have currently used three of these frames.
'Once Upon a Springtime' for my granddaughter Elliott went into the first frame.

The second frame I made for Robyn.  It was 'Botanical Tea' and I felt that Robyn would love all the blue butterflies and the beautiful tea pot that represented all the cups of tea we have sheared.

Below is my 'Botanical Tea' frame.  Have a look at the butterflies, birds' nests, bird baths and beautiful birds.  I adore the tea pot and lots of pretty pink and white flowers.


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  1. Loved this to death Jen , breathtaking- a secret world now hanging on my wall giving pleasure to all who see it! xxx


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