Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scrapbooking with my Brother Scan N Cut.

Dear Bloggers,

At the beginning of the year Scrapbooking Creations and Brother asked me to trial the Brother Scan and Cut CM550 electronic cutter.  I was thrilled to use this amazing machine as it opened up so many possibilities with my paper crafting and was easy to use. I use the scan function all the time and as the machine is not tethered to a computer it sits on my desk available for use with just a touch of the switch.

Here are some scrapbook LOs  I created using the Brother ScanNCut and what I did with the cutter.

I cut out the titles and used the negative space.  I then tested the machine with other materials such as the cork chevrons and it worked well.

My daughter started studying Paramedics last year and on the day that she first tried on her 'Paramedic uniform' she sent her dad a text with this photo.  The smile said it all.
In this LO I hand drew the ambulances and medical embellishments and scanned them into the cutter and it did a fabulous job of cutting them out....look how well it handled the stethoscope.  I put a pen into the holder and wrote the title using the ScanNCut.

I really wanted to test the cutter so I scanned the map showing where my daughter went on a cruise.  I then cut this out of paper and made it a feature of the LO.  The cutter passed with flying colours.

 Here are some links to videos I made about using the ScanNCut.  Have a look as they show how to use the cutter to cut out stamped images, scan the background paper for precise placement of paper and more.  ENJOY!!


Thanks for calling by.


  1. Hi Jenny
    Can this machine only cut the outlines or something in the middle too? I have the pazzles and the Gazelle and their outline cutting is more cumbersome but it can also cut more intricate things which is great. What I like about this machine is that it doesn't have to be attached to the computer though it would be good if you could us it as a scanner and link it to the computer and get rid of another machine taking up space like my other scanner. Thanks. Carol

  2. Hello Carol..yes the machine can cut out the middle of things. The cutter contains a scanner to create cutting files from scanned images/material. It does not however attach to the computer and can not replace your flat bed scanner.


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