Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making Wedding Stationery

Dear Bloggers,
I have been designing some wedding stationery.  The bride wanted a soft lavender and white colour scheme with butterflies and the Eiffel Tower as important motifs.  The stationery is subtle and very beautiful in real life but I fear it may look a little washed out in these photos. Please single click on one of the photos and they will appear filling the screen with a black background.  This is a much nicer way to view them than clashing with the green and red on the sides of my blog page.

Here is all the stationery I made whilst experimenting and playing around.

I have grouped the items below into sets that I felt related to each other

Kimba my gorgeous cat was a real asset to my photographic session.  NOT...but I love him to death all the same.

Up close and personal to some of the invitations.

Some of the place cards - I experimented with different fonts.

Wishing well cards

Thank you cards


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  1. OMG! Holy WOW, these are amaaaaazzzzingly beautiful.


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