Saturday, April 13, 2013

Attending Finnabair's Classes and Her Gorgeous work

Dear Bloggers,
Wow it is finally the end of term and time for a little catching up.  Term 1 was good but gee it was soooooooo busy so I have loved sleeping in the last couple of mornings and even having some naps in the afternoon.  They are sooooo therapeutic.
Now it is time to put the finishing touches to the work I created in Finnabair's Classes and download the photos of the day that have been sitting on my camera for far too long.   Drum roll - finally here they are.

A photo of the lovely Anna and myself just to prove that I really was with her and the messy aprons indicate work in progress.

                               Anna teaching us how to create an amazing Steam Punk Layout.

Below are 5 of Finnabair's stunning Steam-Punk Layouts using her gorgeous new Mechanicals by Prima. Anna had these on display during her classes.

Oh I just love love love her style.



  1. Wow there weren't as many at your lessons.Her layouts are amazing aren't they?

  2. Her layouts are gorgeous...just love the layering.


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