Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Challenging Canvas

Dear Bloggers,

Sorry for the break in blogging but I have been busy creating my entries for the SBM Masters Competition.  It's all in now but hey it was a huge effort!!!!
I obviously can not show you my entries for quite some time but here is one of my canvases that I did not enter.  One of the requirements of the competition was a 12 x 12inch mixed media canvas.  I had several attempts at this and here is one of my rejects along the way.  Because I spent so much time on it and it did not turn out how I hoped I really do not like it.  I shoved it onto a shelf and turned it around so I could not see it.  After a few days a looked at it again and thought maybe I should at least blog these 'groovy girls'.  Maybe it's not the best work of art but hey these little girls are maybe worthy of one quick post - that is before I shove them into a drawer and never look at them again.


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