Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Invitation to have my work in the Papercraft Showroom

Wow I am sooooo! excited and honoured

I have just received an e-mail from lovely Kristy Evans (the editor of Scrapbooking Memories) asking me whether I would like to participate in the Papercraft Showroom which is an expo that travels around most of the Craft Expos In Australia until July 2011.  I have included relevant parts from the e-mail below.

Scrapbooking Memories would like to invite you to be a part of a display – the Papercraft Showroom – that will travel around most of the Craft Expo’s in Australia in 2011. This will be a special display of scrapbooking talent on show for all the public to see.  It will then travel around with the Craft Expo’s until July 2011 and it will be returned to you before September 2011. Your layouts will be presented in gorgeous shadow box frames with your name and project name clear for all to see.
We think your scrapbooking is worthy of a special place in our Papercraft Showroom and hope you will agree to take part. 

Of course the answer is yes.

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Scrapbooking Memories.  Your magazine is just amazing - so informative, inspiring and beautiful and thank you sooo! much for letting me be part of it.  

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